Parking Services to increase weekend patrols

Dave Yochum

In an e-mail to all students and faculty yesterday, Parking Services said yesterday they will increase evening and weekend permit enforcement in the coming weeks.

In conjunction with Kent State Police, Parking Services reminded students that meters are enforced 24/7, and violators will be ticketed. Students with stadium permits may park in non-restricted staff or C-lot areas after 2 p.m. Fridays and on weekends, but not in S-permit areas. Those who purchased an S-permit may park in their assigned lot or in non-restricted staff or C-lots after 4 p.m. and on weekends. Parking on the walkway in front of Olson Hall is prohibited at all times, unless otherwise posted.

Efforts at keeping a closer eye on metered parking spaces as a response to students with stadium permits using residence hall meters for extended periods of time.

“Meters are meant for short-term access to residence halls, like unloading groceries or belongings,” said Larry Emling, assistant manager of Parking Services. “If somebody goes down and gets their car from the stadium at 5 p.m. on Friday and leaves it in a metered space until Sunday night, 25 to 30 people could have used the spot by then.”

Emling also said students who spent extra money to purchase S-permits are getting frustrated that those without an S-permit are taking their spots on the weekends.

“The students who purchased S-permits are losing the parking privilege they paid for on weekends,” Emling said. “They paid more for their parking spot, and somebody else is taking advantage of it.”

To help enforce parking policies on the weekends, Parking Services will be using the campus police department whenever possible to ticket violators.

“For a while now, the police department has helped us out quite a bit,” Emling said. “We’ll be bringing in people on the weekends to do random enforcement around the meters and S-lots.”

Emling said Parking Services will be focusing primarily on students who park in the residence hall lots, but academic lots should not be an issue.

Residence hall visitors can still obtain a free “after 5 p.m.” permit from any residence hall area desk. Refer to the permit for parking instructions and areas.

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