Emerging adults search for youthful edge

Nedda Pourahmady

Aging adults may yearn for a fresh sip out of the fountain of youth. As some members of the older generation strive to find this magical potion, young adults are also concerned about maintaining a youthful look.

Regina Mordarski, independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay, said young people have begun worrying about aging but don’t view it as a priority.

“There is concern when the topic comes up,” Mordarski said. “And there is a lot more attention in the media due to the aging baby boomers.”

Melissa Szeghy, junior family and consumer studies major, said she uses an anti-aging product.

“I use anti-aging face wash and wear lotion with SPF,” Szeghy said. “I use that stuff every day, twice a day.”

Other students are not as concerned.

“I’m not really too worried about aging because I’m only 20, but I do use a night-firming cream,” said Angie Liebermann, sophomore family and consumer studies major.

Mordarski said the types of products young people will use depend on how much they are willing to spend.

“Initially, a good skin care system costs about the same as a complete hair and nail makeover but will last longer, costing much less per day,” Mordarski said.

Mordarski said a skin care system’s effects are long term; therefore, the procedure needs to be done on a daily basis.

Mordarski said many young women use lip balms, cleansers and/or moisturizers and especially eye creams when they are having skin problems.

“The first place women show their age is around the eye area,” Mordarski said.

Mordarski said the concerns young people have with appearance depend on age.

“In talking to young people, the first concern is dealing with oily skin and the problems it causes,” Mordarski said. “They learn that by using a good skin care product and sticking to the program, it helps control the problems.”

However, Mordarski said young adults have more questions about anti-aging products.

“They are more aware of all the advertisements in dealing with aging skin – what really works, what doesn’t and how do we know what to try,” Mordarski said.

Mordarski also said she believes it’s important for young people to keep their skin clean by washing their faces in the morning and at night.

“This is the time your skin repairs itself,” Mordarski said.

Mordarski added using a moisturizer each time after washing the face is important.

After moisturizing, young people should use a product with SPF along with a foundation to protect their face, Mordarski said.

Once applied, Mordarski said these layers should be left alone.

“Don’t touch your face during the day,” Mordarski said.

Nevertheless, Mordarski said there are specific anti-aging products designed for people of different ages.

“It is in your best interest to have a personal consultant to help you pick and try products to fit your needs,” Mordarski said.

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