Everybody loves love

Kevin Clark

Next week will be every woman’s favorite holiday – Valentine’s Day. Men will empty their pockets and their creative juices to celebrate the relationship that they’re in or to rekindle the one that they wish to revisit.

Love is the fulfilling of a promise that drives a million love songs. It’s what inspired Barry Manilow to write the songs that make the whole world sing. Love is the beauty that escapes the mind to grace the universe with its presence. If I could name “love” by a name – then I would call it “Lady Love.” I love my Lady Love.

People have started wars just so they could have the attention of the one they assumed they loved. Others have stared from a distance, hoping that reclusive vixen (love) would be their mate. Love is a feeling worth living, fighting, trying, failing and dying for.

But are celebrities able to capture that feeling, truly making their own? For example, Bill Nye (the Science Guy) just got married for the first time. Albeit, this B-list celebrity may not have the hounds from “Entertainment Tonight” and E! barking down his door for exclusive photos from the wedding. So, he should be the exception to the celebrity rule, right?

For the A-list stars, it seems nothing can be sacred. In the midst of Big Brother extending its reach across the globe and the World Wide Web, your favorite celebrities will continue to grace the covers of magazines and be the tantalizing talk of your favorite gossip shows for better or for worse.

You, Mr. and Ms. John Q. Public, cannot deny the power of the “are they or are they not” diatribe. There are even sites that predict whether or not certain celebrities are together, which unions won’t last the week, and fan sites chronicling the couple’s relationship. One such site is CelebrityCouples.net. A certain part of the site goes into detail about “Brangelina’s” togetherness – from their age difference (11 years) to rumors and gossip to providing up-to-date news links for your viewing pleasure.

DVDWolf.com is another such site. A particular piece featured is “Top 10 Doomed Celebrity Relationships” by Rob Paul. Only one out of the top five are no longer together. That would be former name-game contestants – Bennifer (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez). Is love a spectator sport or is it a private conversation between two persons who share the language of amor‚? Flip the scenario – would any of you allow the Daily Kent Stater to cover the intimacy of your nighttime activities? Or to publicly describe your every whereabout to the nanosecond on TV-2? I know that I wouldn’t dig that.

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, send a singing telegram, tell that special someone that you love them or poke somebody on Facebook. Remember, everyone: celebrities are people, too. Don’t they deserve some love?

Kevin L. Clark is a sophomore magazine journalism major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].