Traffic committee wants community’s opinion

William Schertz

The University Area Transportation Projects Citizens Advisory Committee will hold a public hearing Thursday regarding proposed construction on Summit Street.

“Traffic congestion is a serious issue at the university and in the rest of the community,” said Tom Clapper, university general manager of transportation services. “Summit Street especially is highly congested, and that presents a lot of issues.”

This week the committee will address these issues at a meeting and will allow anyone who attends to voice his or her opinion.

“The whole purpose of the public meeting is so the committee can present its draft statement to the Kent community,” Kent Service Director Gene Roberts said.

The committee was formed by city council about nine months ago. It is made up of various community representatives who created a draft plan for Summit Street to appeal to citizens of Kent.

Some of the committee’s plans include:

• usage of a signal control system that responds to traffic flow

• adding signs that show the quickest route to other main roads

• getting rid of Summit Street parking spaces

• giving people incentives to walk, ride bikes and use more public transportation

One thing the committee will not be proposing is widening of the road, Clapper said.

The Summit Street construction is part of a three-part plan, the first of which dealt with replacing Terrace Hall with parking accommodations and was approved by city council last month.

The public hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday at the Kentway building.

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