New management hopes to help copy center sales

Sara Huebner

A Library and Media Services committee has spent the past year investigating what to do about the decreasing and slowing sales of the copy center located on the third floor of the library.

Their decision?

Bring in a brand new outside company to take over the copy center.

“The old copy center was a soft-money facility, meaning that neither the university nor the state of Ohio spent any money on it, including salaries,” said Mark Pike, assistant dean for Media Services.

So the committee hired Mark White, operations manager of Campus Copy Connection, a company based near Cleveland.

“One of the reasons we asked Campus Copy Connection to do this was because Libraries and Media Services could not afford to replace the equipment, and students were getting sub-par work,” Pike said.

In the six years White has worked for Campus Copy Connection, he said he has seen just about every type of job imaginable.

The services offered are basically the same as the old copy center, Pike said.

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