Student leaders react to president’s speech

Breanne George

The state of the union is strong, and together we will make it stronger.

This is President Bush’s assessment of America.

He discussed the war against terror, national security, Social Security and education as main points in his State of the Union Address.

Students involved in political organizations at Kent State have mixed reactions to the president’s address.

Matt White, president of the College Republicans, said he believed President Bush gave a strong plan for America.

“I believe the president laid out a positive and forward-looking State of the Union Address for a successful America,” he said, “specifically with the math and science initiative and the war on terror.”

The president emphasized the importance of democracy in the Middle East and “pursuing the enemy of freedom.” He said the future security of America depends on it.

He also discussed the need for Americans to support their troops. He read a letter Staff Sgt. Dan Clay, who was killed in Fallujah, left to his family.

The Marine’s family was present in the audience and received a standing ovation.

“The Democratic Party supports our troops, but the course in Iraq is not doing well,” said Margaret Stambaugh, the president of the College Democrats. “But it is too shameful to leave now.”

Bush announced his plans for an advanced energy initiative to research new methods of clean and safe energy.

“America should not be dependent on foreign oil,” White said. “Decreasing our reliance on oil will increase America’s security.”

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