Rec center offers variety of exercise classes to help keep students healthy

Abby Fisher

Jeremy Rentsch, senior conservation major, uses the Student Recreation and Wellness Center’s facilities three times a week to help him stay in shape.


If you haven’t yet been to the rec center this year, this is the semester to go.

The Kent State Student Recreation and Wellness Center offers more than 70 classes a week throughout the semester.

With classes focusing solely on building upper body strength to learning dance, Pepsi Hutton, the wellness coordinator at the rec center is positive students can find exactly what they are looking for.

“There’s something for everyone,” Hutton said.

This semester, the rec purchased 20 new balance trainers and 70 new bikes for the spinning classes.

“The spinning classes are some of the most popular of our Group X classes,” Hutton said.

The Group X classes, fitness-based group workout sessions, are offered throughout the entire semester. Group X classes can last anywhere from 15 minutes in the free Power Abs class to 60 minutes of Cardio Kickboxing.

For students wishing to get a complete body workout, Hutton suggests they take a Kickalates or B4 class.

“Kickalates combines a regular kickboxing class with Pilates,” Hutton said. “It’s really good for someone who wants to work the entire body.”

The B4 class, which stands for balls, bands, BOSU and bars, utilizes Flexi-bands and resist-a-balls in order for each area of the body to be exercised equally.

Hutton said students who are interested in taking a Group X class are encouraged to take a drop-in session.

“Drop-in sessions are for students who want to try out a class before they officially enroll,” she said.

Drop-in rates are $2 per student for each session. Afterwards, if students wish to join a Group X class, they may purchase a 12-punch pass for $20 or an unlimited pass for $35, which is valid for the entire semester.

The Group X classes are only one aspect of what the rec center offers this semester. Instructional classes are available as well.

“The biggest difference between Group X and instructional is that the instructional classes are meant for students to learn something,” Hutton said. “It does take some level of skill to participate in the instructional classes.”

Students can take instructional classes from four different areas: Yoga, Pilates, dance and martial arts. Instructional classes are offered in two, six-week sessions. Session I begins Jan. 28 and lasts until Mar. 10; session II is Mar. 18 through May 5.

Some of the most popular instructional classes are belly dancing and Hip Hop, Hutton said.

“People also enjoy Pilates and the Astanga Yoga, which is a more advanced level of Yoga,” Hutton said.

Students who are interested in instructional classes can come for free this week until Friday. Afterwards, students may enroll for one of the six-week sessions for $20. Rec center members may enroll for $25 and non-members for $40.

In addition to classes, the rec center also offers several nutrition programs for students who want to lose weight or learn healthy eating habits.

“We have full-time nutritionist here, and we have a three-day diet analysis for students,” Hutton said.

The rec center also has a “Biggest Loser” program which students can join in teams.

“This program is really for students who want to lose weight,” Hutton said. “We help them track their weight loss and give them exercise tips and nutrition information.”

For a complete schedule of Group X and instructional classes, visit the Department of Recreational Services online at or pick up a flyer in the lobby of the rec center. Students and rec center members can enroll for classes online or in person at the rec center. For more information regarding spring semester classes, call (330) 672-4732.

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