24-hour student photos on display in Kent

Ben Breier

Jeff Ingram, executive director of the Standing Rock Cultural Arts, hosted the “Life Through a Shutter” exhibit presented by the Kent State chapter of the National Press Photographers Association. The exhibit, located at the North Water Street Gallery, fe

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

Kent residents only have until Saturday to visit “Life Through A Shutter,” a photography exhibit on display at the North Water Street Gallery in downtown Kent.

The photos on display were taken by members of the Kent State chapter of the National Press Photographers Association.

The gallery showcases work taken by NPPA photographers Sept. 16, 2005, when the organization went on a 24-hour photo shoot in an effort to capture a day throughout Portage County.

Rami Daud, senior photojournalism major and president of NPPA, worked with vice president Dave Foster, junior photojournalism major, in order to bring the show to life.

Daud said the exhibit shows there are a lot of good photographers located in the area. It also provides a better understanding of the community through a photographer’s eye, while giving photographers a chance to show off their work.

“A lot of people including myself and Dave (Foster) haven’t had their work shown anywhere, and it helps build pride in your work,” Daud said.

Foster echoed some of Daud’s sentiments.

“The important thing was to display our work and give us an open forum to discuss and learn,” Foster said. “Working side by side with professionals allowed us to compare ourselves and take something away from the experience.”

Daud and Foster coordinated with Jeff Ingram, executive director of Standing Rock Cultural Arts, in order to give the showcase a home. Ingram said the show has been a success, citing a “more than usual” turnout.

“We reach capacity at 30 people and expected a quiet night of 20 to 30 people,” Ingram said. “We were blown away by the response. We had an overflowing crowd of 50 people; people still streamed in until 1 in the morning.”

The exhibit also spilled over into Turnup Records, located next door to the North Water Street Gallery.

Owner Scott Davidson’s storefront plays host to a photo story called “Heroin: Victims of Addiction” by Luis Sanchez Saturno, president of the Kent Photographers Association.

“There was a big reaction to the story photos,” Davidson said. “People looked disgusted, but there was an appreciation for people who live like this. People have come (to Turnup Records) just to see this.”

Davidson initially said he wasn’t exactly excited to have the photo story on display in his store.

“It’s dark, but it’s art,” Davidson said. “It’s important to expose things like this, even though it’s not exactly something I want to see.”

With the photo gallery closing shortly, Ingram believes people should come by to visit the exhibit while they still can.

“I don’t think the community will get a chance to see this high quality of photography all in one place,” he said. “They won’t be able to observe this slice of life with these characters and subject matter ever again.”

Those who are interested in seeing the exhibit can go to the North Water Street Gallery, which is open from Thursday until Sunday from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. Additionally, appointments can be made to view the exhibition by calling 330-673-4970. Framed photography is available for public purchase in 11-by-14 inches ($80) and 16-by-20 inches ($120) sizes.

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