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“24:” Wasting Precious Seconds

Fox, Mondays at 9

I’m not sold on the new season of “24.” There are good things in it, to be sure, but this year seemingly lacks the unpredictability of the first four seasons.

I will admit that the writers and producers handled the death of President Palmer very well. While the moment wasn’t entirely unexpected (when a lead character is talking about his memoirs you know he isn’t sticking around long), the aftermath and its effects on the main cast was perfectly handled.

However, the death of Michelle was overkill (literally). What’s the point of killing off such an important character if you say in the next episode that it was just a diversion for the main event. It lessens her death immensely.

The hostage situation in the airport was a nice way to welcome new viewers into the fold, but for longtime viewers it was excruciating. I didn’t care about the brat in danger, and didn’t we do the same hostage situation in season four at the convenience store? Or in season three in the prison? Or in season two with Kate? Or in season one with Kim and Teri?

The President Logan and his slightly-psycho wife subplot is gold, though. You never know how much to take her seriously, how much she really knows and how loony toons she is.


“Desperate Housewives:” Why Don’t They Just Burn A Cross?

ABC, Sundays at 9

Okay, so this African American family called Applewhite moves onto Wisteria Lane in the smallest house on the street. They have a mentally handicapped person chained in the basement, but other than that they couldn’t be nicer.

All season long they have kept to themselves, with Betty only sharing a scene or two with the main cast, but all of a sudden the five leads don’t like the Applewhites. They think that these African Americans who have been nothing but kind and helpful to everyone are strange simply because they moved into their house at night and there are noises coming from the basement.

Now, mind you, just this season Bree has fired a shotgun at George during a dinner party, Susan has found the word “Whore” written on her garage and ran down Edie with her car, Gabrielle’s husband was jailed for embezzling millions and Lynette staged her own children’s kidnapping. But the only black family on the block is strange because they (gasp!) keep to themselves and are friendly.

And if you thought that story line sounded forced and outrageous, here’s the latest up-to-dates on what whacky things our favorite housewives have been up to: Susan spent untold thousands by returning to the hospital over and over to hit on a sexy doctor. Lynette demanded that Tom get a vasectomy because he dared to picture life without her. Bree is a raging alcoholic. And Gabby has porn on the Internet.

You know I am willing to suspend disbelief if the story has a good outcome or the ride is worth it. But I just rewatched some of the first episodes of the series and they are SO much better than the trash being broadcast every week that I just want to scream.

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