ALL about… Hibachi Japan [with video]

Ryan Haidet

Hibachi Japan Steak House provides an entertaining dining experience

Guests at the Hibachi Japan Steak House watch while Thai Vue, a chef at the restaurant, prepares the grill for cooking Monday evening. PHOTO BY ALLIEY BENDER | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: Steve Schirra

Tired of eating the same stuff every week? Just a few miles away from campus, there is an entertaining, delicious and affordable restaurant for students to check out.

Hibachi Japan Steak House

2251 Front Street, Cuyahoga Falls

(330) 928-3333 (call-ahead seating)

The Hibachi Japan Steak House, located on Front Street in Cuyahoga Falls, is an authentic Japanese restaurant where the chef prepares your dinner at the table.

With a menu containing a variety of choices including sushi, filet mignon and sesame chicken, any tastebud will be pleased. And for the vegetarians, there is a meal just for you at $9.95.

I ordered the shrimp dinner ($14.95), which included (as is included with every other entr‚e or combination dinner) Japanese onion soup, salad with a homemade ginger dressing, fresh vegetables, fried rice, green tea, pineapple sherbet and the usual fortune cookie.


The meal began with the Japanese onion soup. Although a simple item, it had a great flavor that left me salivating for the rest of the meal.

Next came the salad, which was smothered in a homemade ginger dressing. This dressing had a strong, unique, great-tasting flavor – definitely not something you’d expect from grocery-store salad dressing.

Then, the chef arrived at the table with his tray of food. He started the show by igniting a large fire on the hibachi grill. As he cooked, he performed all sorts of tricks, such as making a volcano by stacking onion slices on top of each other. Then he filled the inside with vodka and out of the tiny onion mountain came a rush of fire and smoke.



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When my dinner was ready, the shrimp was served with a heaping pile of rice and vegetables. The mixture of the sauces and spices made everything blend and taste perfectly. The shrimp was cooked exactly right and the vegetables were scrumptious. The portions were large enough to leave me with leftovers.


Pineapple sherbet was served for dessert. Although small when compared to the rest of the meal, it was enough to give me a good, sweet taste.

Overall, my experience at the Hibachi Japan Steak House was unrivaled. My waitress knew what she was doing and was polite. The chef was entertaining and a great cook. As for the price – it was reasonable considering the amount of food and entertainment provided.

The atmosphere was pleasant and added to the experience. There is a sushi bar for those who want to eat a variety of sushi. There also are alcoholic house drinks available.

Prices at the restaurant range from $10.95 for sesame chicken to $29.95 for a combination of lobster and filet mignon.


The meal came to an end with a fortune cookie that seemed a bit ironic to me as I knew I would be writing a review of the restaurant. It said, “The leader seeks to communicate his vision to his followers.” I intend to do just that. Take my advice and head over to the Hibachi Japan Steak House.

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