Monopoly parents may not encourage

Tiffany Strong

Former Akron students create new game with elements of alcohol and stripping

Need a new strip-drinking game? Play Attic Antics. The new game will be available tomorrow.

Credit: Ben Breier

Attic Antics plans to knock college kids’ socks off nationwide, pun intended.

The new board game created by No Manor Gaming mixes elements of Monopoly, strip poker and drinking games the creators swore by in college.

No Manor Gaming was created by a couple of students from the University of Akron a decade ago in their apartment, and Attic Antics is its board game debut.

The creators now thank their landlord, Dr. Caime, for all those nights he shut the power off and forced them to the attic where their devious minds found a new haven to play.

John Cooper, creative director of No Manor Gaming, described the game as “you know, that one game where you drink a lot, lap dance for your friends, take pictures of your friends in embarrassing situations and reveal that repressed wild side.”

The essence of Attic Antics

If you like beer pong, but the whole idea of throwing a ball into a cup isn’t your cup of tea.

If you enjoy the risk of getting naked during strip poker, but can’t understand what pocket aces are.

If Monopoly was your favorite game as a kid, but taking little old grandma’s fake money just isn’t cool anymore.

If any or all of the above fit your personality, Attic Antics might just be the closest thing to board game heaven for you.

The new board game is directed towards college-aged students who like to have fun but lose their buzz playing classic drinking games.

Before any of you non-drinkers blow your top, No Manor Gaming wants you to know that by calling it a “drinking game,” that does not have to mean alcohol.

The breakdown of the game

So here’s how it goes. First, you have to buy the board game. It costs $29.99 and is released tomorrow. It can only be bought from or by calling 1-877-213-8555. There are only 2,000 copies being released now.

Then, you need six to eight female and male adults (maturity level is not a deciding factor), plenty of beverages and a camera if possible.

Although a camera may seem like great blackmail, it can also mean a T-shirt. If you send your pictures to the Web site and they get posted on the site, No Manor Gaming will send a free T-shirt that says, “I lost my shirt playing Attic Antics, so they gave me this one!”

Last, mentally and physically prepare yourself before you delve into this game. The object is defined on the board as, “to obtain $5,000 before losing your dignity, your lunch or maybe your drawers.”

Check your inhibitions at the door ladies and gentlemen; there is nothing shy about Attic Antics.

The objective

“(To get) laid,” said Cooper. “What I meant to say is that I hope people will get to know each other a little better and spread a little peace and love throughout this troubled world. Maybe having a drink with new friends will encourage conversation and help us better understand each other.”

So if you are up for a game that Milton Bradley would turn red over, this game is right up your alley. Grab some old friends, make some new ones and let the games begin!

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