WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dean search continues with second candidate visit

Megan Grote

Psyschology professor Jack Graham talks with Dr. Joseph Steinmetz, candidate for dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, at a reception for Steinmetz yesterday in the student center.

Credit: Jason Hall

Joseph Steinmetz, College of Arts and Sciences dean candidate, takes in a taste of Kent State.

“I am a big believer in Arts and Sciences,” Steinmetz said, “and I am impressed with what is here.”

Steinmetz is currently serving as Executive Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University. He was previously involved with Indiana University’s psychology department.

He has done work with assessing college structures and programs and working with department chairs and various faculty, Steinmetz said. These situations are similar to what the next dean will be dealing with at Kent State.

“It is the same story with any state school,” he said. “When budgets are hurting, it is difficult to staff, but with better times comes expansion.”

All three candidates are well recommended, experienced and qualified, David England, dean of the College of Education, Health and Human Services, said. The search is a group process that the committee has taken seriously.

“The committee is looking for a continuing focus on high quality academics and support of the academic mission for the College of Arts and Sciences,” England said.

England is on the dean search committee which recommended these three candidates. The search has been ongoing since the spring semester.

The committee has reviewed resumes and references and narrowed down the search to the three candidates. The three candidates will visit Kent State and meet various faculty and students.

After the visits are complete, it is decided whether a candidate is right for the position, or whether the search should be continued.

Although it is a time consuming process, the search has been relatively smooth, England said.

“The only unsuccessful search is when we hire the wrong candidate,” he said. “Kent State attracts very strong candidates.”

Today at 1:15 p.m. in room 315 in the Student Center, graduate and undergraduate students have the chance to meet Steinmetz.

Christopher McCord from the University of Cincinnati has already paid a visit to Kent State earlier in the week. The last candidate Joseph Urgo is expected to visit on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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