Architecture faculty, students prepare for master’s program

Following a Nov. 14 approval by the Faculty Senate, the College of Architecture and Environmental Design is putting the final touches on the Master’s of Architecture and Master’s of Urban Design dual degree program for next semester, becoming the first university in Ohio to offer the program.

The new dual major is arranged to offer a degree in urban design. A certificate was formerly all Kent State students could receive, architecture professor Maurizio Sabini said.

It will take students either one and a half or two extra years to complete, depending on if they choose to study in the summer, he said.

“The purpose is to go for two degrees together, and now they can save some time.”

As part of the new program, students will participate in the Capstone Experience. During this independent project, students choose an architectural topic and work with an adviser while researching it. This experience is something Sabini said students will appreciate.

“It is a very flexible program. The course has an independent programming grade, so when the student is ready, they can begin the final portion of the project,” he said.

The study of urban design has increased dramatically over the past decade, and the college looks forward to a similar increase in enrollment. Being the only school in Ohio to offer the program, Sabini said it looks to welcome many transfer students and an increased enrollment of first-year architecture students.

“This program is definitely significant in specialization,” Sabini said. “We encourage applicants to take this option.”

– Jackie Mantey