Terrace Hall residents move to new rooms across campus

tephanie Park

Terrace Hall residents need to pack more than clothing to take home for Winter Break – they must pack all their belongings and move out.

All Terrace Hall residents must relocate to a new hall by Jan. 20, 2006, Residence Services Director Betsy Joseph said.

“There are spaces available all over campus,” she said. “Some halls have very limited spaces, but each hall and room type is available for those moving from Terrace.”

Only Terrace Hall residents are currently allowed to switch rooms, Joseph said. Selection will open to other residents online Monday.

Students moving from Terrace Hall have the opportunity to move their belongings by appointment during Winter Break or at the beginning of spring semester.

“(Residence Services) is working to be as flexible as we can to meet student schedules,” Joseph said.

Joseph said problems with Terrace Hall’s mechanical systems, heat exchanger, sanitary system, interior walls and electrical system make it more cost efficient to close the building down.

“We do understand that this may be an inconvenience to some students,” she said. “However, this decision has been made because we want to be spending student housing fees wisely and not using these monies to operate a building that does not need to be open.”

Residents of Allyn Hall, who were displaced by the fire, now have the opportunity to return to the newly constructed hall.

“There are a total of 145 spaces available on these two floors,” Joseph said. “I think that the reconstruction of the third and fourth floors of Allyn Hall has been extremely successful.”

Information on available rooms can be found on the Residence Services Web site.

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