DVD game is fun, but it doesn’t ‘Rule’

Seth Roy


“Who Rules?”

Released by the Cannery

Stater rating (out of four): ** 1/2

If you’ve ever played “You Don’t Know Jack,” then you have the basic idea behind The Cannery’s new DVD party game, “Who Rules?”

It’s simple to play, and there’s no installation necessary – just place the game in your DVD player, or other DVD-compatible device, and you’re ready to go.

The game gives you two options – one-player or two. But, because it is marketed as a party game, and playing with yourself is only fun for so long, it is clearly meant to be played with two players or teams.

The control scheme is rather simple: Just push your controller’s arrow keys, and press enter on your decision. But controls aren’t the point of the game – questions and presentation are.

“Who Rules?,” much like “You Don’t Know Jack,” is presented like a game show. It is hosted by Patrick Warburton of “Seinfeld,” The Tick” and Men in Black 2.

The comparisons to “You Don’t Know Jack” stop there. The questions in “Who Rules?” are more straight-forward and “Trivial Pursuit-ish,” as opposed to the funny, off-the-wall questions “You Don’t Know Jack” delivers.

Also, Patrick Warburton lacks the bite and humor that make the “You Don’t Know Jack” games fun to play and re-play.

“Who Rules?” boasts more than 800 questions, ranging from entertainment and general knowledge to sports and history. The questions are multiple choice and vary in difficulty.

Because of the variety of questions, you are bound to learn a few things while playing, such as what the “c” in E=MC2 means. Though, if you have taken Frontiers in Astronomy, you should already know the answer to that question.

While the number of questions means no two games will be exactly the same, I started seeing repeat questions in my fourth game.

The game is fun for a while, but I definitely recommend getting the latest “You Don’t Know Jack” game instead of “Who Rules?”

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