Sigmas move into fraternity house

Lauren Polly

Sigma Sigma Sigma moved from a run-down college house on Main Street to a four-year-old mansion on Fraternity Circle to help out Phi Delta Theta.

When Phi Delta Theta could not fill the mansion with enough tenants in August, the fraternity made Sigma Sigma Sigma an offer. The sorority will rent the house for two to three years until the fraternity can regain its charter and become an active fraternity again at Kent State.

“We didn’t want to lose the house,” said Jim Flores, Phi Delta Theta treasurer. “We are glad they are helping us.”

Chapter advisor Winnie Warner said Sigma Sigma Sigma had been in the house on Main Street for 12 years. The sorority never owned the house, they always paid a landlord. Warner said moving to the Phi Delta Theta house was a good opportunity for the sorority to be in a safer, more desirable location.

“Moving from the old house was hard,” Warner said. “There were strings. The girls felt an attachment to the house but that ended when they walked into the other place.”

Sigma Sigma Sigma now has a chapter room in the house to hold meetings and is on the same street as four sororities. Warner said when the girls moved into the house, the other sororities on the street brought over flowers and baked goods to welcome them to the street.

“We love being there,” Warner said. “The girls absolutely love it. We are in the midst of the sororities, which is nice.”

Sigma Sigma Sigma has 11 girls living in the mansion now. The sorority could not fill the house because they decided to move after members had already signed leases elsewhere.

Sigma Sigma Sigma has purchased property on Fraternity Circle to build its own mansion. The sorority is currently working on preliminary drawings for the new house.

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