Fly to Mugzee’s for wings

Erika Kreider

Credit: Ben Breier



626 N. Water St.

Phone (330) 678-9999

Hours Monday through Thursday 5 p.m. to 12 a.m., Friday and Saturday 5 p.m. to 3:30 a.m.

Not to brag, but if anyone knows wings, it’s me. Ask any of my friends and they know that I love eating chicken wings more than the paparazzi like taking pictures of Lindsay Lohan.

I was obviously excited when Mugzee’s opened near Club Khameleon, and I immediately had to try it.

Not only does Mugzee’s have 19 flavors of wings, but they have salads, chicken sandwiches and desserts including deep-fried Oreos.

I excitedly ordered an array of wings including: hot wings with bones ($5.99 for five), five kicked-up ranch wings with bones, teriyaki boneless wings ($3.99 for a half pound) and barbecue boneless wings. I also bravely ordered the deep- fried Oreos ($2.99 for six).

Mugzee’s menu boasts, “We like to warn people before they order: Our wings are bigger than the wings from our competitors. These things are HUGE!”

They do not lie, ladies and gentlemen; they are as big as they say. Bigger is not better in this case because even though the wings are big, they have a lot of fatty parts on them.

The amount of meat is satisfying though, only two of them was sufficient.

The first wings I tried were the hot wings. I am a huge fan of hot sauce, but these were not very hot to me, although they were still good.

To solve this problem, I will order the really hot sauce in the future.

The texture of the boned wings is good, though not as crispy as they claim.

The barbecue boneless wings were huge. They looked like giant, crispy chicken fingers.

The barbecue sauce, however, tasted like puke. I couldn’t even finish eating one wing.

To counter the barbecue sauce, I ate the kicked-up ranch, which was delicious. It was a little spicier than hot. I would definitely order them again.

The teriyaki was the best by far; it was amazing. The boneless wings were crispy, huge and tasted like they were straight out of a Chinese take-home box.

When I order again, I will match the delicious boneless wings with the teriyaki sauce.

To top it all off, I ate the deep-fried Oreos. They sound disgusting and like a heart attack ready to happen, but they smelled and looked wonderful.

You get six of them, but when you eat them you have to bring a friend or else you will eat all of them. They taste like a funnel cake, but with chocolate drizzled over it, powder sugar and caramel. The chocolate blends together with warm, fried breading and makes a heavenly combination in your mouth.

Mugzee’s is a great, cheap way to fill your hunger. Even if you aren’t a wing fan, they have sandwiches and salads to satisfy your needs.

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