Letters to the Editor

Forced software upgrade creates monopoly on campus

Dear Editor:

On Nov. 20, many students will be unable to access the Internet, because ResNet assumes they have the authority to tell us what software we may or may not use. Starting on Nov. 20, all computers on campus must have McAfee software installed. Many, like myself, use other anti-virus software like Norton or AVG, software that is arguably better.

I’ve contacted ResNet numerous times to resolve this issue, but they’ve yet to actually answer any questions. ResNet choosing to mandate the use of McAfee software unfairly grants McAfee a monopoly over the Kent State campus and robs us of our freedom of choice. I can’t understand why I must remove software from my computer that I paid $40 for and is in my opinion better than McAfee. ResNet says McAfee software will keep everyone safe.

I am reminded of the words of Benjamin Franklin who said those willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. ResNet wants us to believe that we have no choice, but on Nov. 20 we will have a choice: sacrifice our freedom of that choice, or stand against the beast that is ResNet.

I will stand, and I can only encourage others to do the same. If we let ResNet tell us what software we may use, they will assuredly encroach on our other rights. Today it’s what software we may use, tomorrow it may well be what Web sites we access.

John Behnken Jr.

Junior journalism major