Zox provides fresh mix to music scene

Nicholas DiSabatino

Zox’s follow-up album, The Wait, blends a mix of alternative, playful songs that provide a musical journey for your ears. Released in August by Armo Records, its new album is sure to gather new fans and have their old ones screaming for more.

Enhanced with punk-driven drums and the classic touch of the violin, Zox creates an original and funky sound that resonates with the listener. With deeply personal lyrics, their songs defy classification. Each one is its own story waiting to be heard.

The band’s sound reminds listeners of The Cure and The Police, while remaining unique in its own right.

Beginning with a slow-sounding beat, the album kicks into high gear with “Thirsty” then gets listeners jumping with “Bridge Burning,” with lyrics like, “I’ve been a fool. I’ve been full of you. I’ve been lying here so long I don’t know who I’m lying to.”

Although several of the band’s songs have the typical alternative punk sound, songs such as, “Anything But Fine” and “Fallen” combine a beautiful rhythmic violin sound that’s completely original.

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