24 Hours in Portage County

2:15 a.m. – Steven Penlamb, 22, pre-law major, shares some affection with Tara Kulkerni, 21, visiting from New York. They just met in downtown Kent, amid the rest of the night life outside of the Zephyr Pub.

Credit: Jason Hall

Believe it or not, three weeks ago, a group of us got together and shot photographs for 24 consecutive hours. Many people have asked: “Why would you do such a thing?” We wanted everyone to see what really happens in the course of a day. After all, how many times have you seen a farmer doing his morning chores at 7 a.m. or noticed the calmness of a custodial worker vacuuming late at night? How many times have you experienced the rush of watching a firefighter respond to an EMS call?

Most people live in a community for years without seeing the simplicity, beauty and excitement of the lives around them. This is what we wanted to show. With about 30 students and alumni, we made it our goal to represent Kent and other surrounding areas, and to show what happens within a 24-hour period. We shot more than 10,000 photographs that day.

Although we cannot print all the amazing photos taken, we hope the images we have chosen will help you begin to appreciate the uniqueness of your community.

– Emily Rasinski and Stephanie J. Smith, senior photojournalism majors

 24 Hours in Portage County

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