Cincinnati surpasses KSU in student enrollment

Derek Lenehan

The University of Cincinnati surpassed Kent State in enrollment this year, pushing Kent State to the No. 3 spot on the list of largest schools in Ohio.

Both schools still trail Ohio State.

The University of Cincinnati’s enrollment grew last year, while Kent State’s enrollment decreased.

Fall 2004 enrollment at Kent State reached 36,823 but fell by a little more than 2,000 students for Fall 2005.

The University of Cincinnati reported a system-wide enrollment of 35,364, narrowly edging Kent State’s enrollment of 34,491. Ohio State held the No. 1 position with an enrollment of 57,748.

Being third did not seem to upset many Kent State students. Justin Pitts, freshman visual communication design major, said he was not aware Kent State was formerly in second.

“Kent’s size had a little significance when I was applying,” he said, ” but state rankings don’t really matter.”

Justin Jeffery, Kent Interhall Council president, was equally unimpressed.

“I don’t think an institution’s size reflects its quality, especially if you’re comparing the small difference between us and UC,” he said.

Jeffery also mentioned state rankings have no bearing on funding.

“There is no first-second-third prize or anything like that,” he laughed.

The increase in enrollment for UC is in contrast to the rapid decrease in Cincinnati’s population. Since the 2000 Census, Cincinnati’s population has decreased faster than any other U.S. city, except Detroit, at a rate of 11 residents per day, according the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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