Alumni talks to KSU Greeks

Lauren Polly

New members of sororities and fraternities were introduced to what being Greek means as a whole yesterday in the Kiva.

“New Member Convocation is really informative,” said Robyn Heiman, Delta Gamma’s vice president of member education. “It really gives a perspective of what Greek life will be like in the future.”

Two Kent State alumni spoke at the convocation.

“It’s important to be aware that Greek life continues after college when you’re an alumnus,” said Beth Gittons, assistant director of Greek affairs.

Delta Chi’s Steve Bossart, class of 1990, and Delta Zeta’s Lynnda Hoefler, class of 1976, explained different aspects of Greek life and what being Greek means even after college.

“I’m focusing on Greek life and choices made within that,” Bossart said. “I’ll talk a lot about alcohol as well.”

Hoefler focused more on the structure of Greek life nationally and the opportunities alumni have to be involved in the system. She explained the umbrella organizations under the term Greek system such as National Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council.

“This will impact you in ways I can’t even start to explain to you,” Hoefler said.

Hoefler explained all the experience in service and leadership being Greek will provide.

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