Americanrockstar has energy despite former internal issues

Britten Stark



Playing with

Amplexus and Sindust

Where? Fat Jimmy’s

When? Saturday at 9 p.m.

How much? $7 (18 to 20), $5 (21 and over)


Despite the many changes americanrockstar has undergone since its first release in 2000, the band is finally receiving some recognition and success for its rocking pop sound.

At one point in time, success was extremely important to lead guitarist and vocalist Dallas Riffle, but the negative experience of striving for nothing but a major record deal led him to form americanrockstar with a completely different attitude.

Americanrockstar’s shows are spontaneous, allowing the audience to have fun along with the band.

Despite the fun energy of americanrockstar, the band has nearly broken up three times. Even more remarkable, Riffle is the only remaining original member.

Americanrockstar has stayed together despite rocky moments because the members are determined to have fun, no matter what.

In fact, the band’s name even originated as a joke.

“It is what it is,” Riffle said. “It’s not important what words (we use) – it’s just a name.”

The album americanrockstar is currently working on is supposed to be heavier than the previous releases.

“I write pop music,” Riffle said. “There can be metal drumming and guitars, but it’s still pop.”

Adapter should hit shelves early next year. Its release was postponed.

Americanrockstar’s recent signing with Bandaloop Records after months of negotiations has contributed to the delay. Both the label and the band want to spend the extra time and effort to make Adapter a solid album.

Drummer Scott Sykora’s broken foot has delayed the recording of the tracks recently added to Adapter. Though Sykora’s talents pull through for shows, the new album requires more intense drum work that cannot be accomplished one-footed.

Riffle encourages everyone to listen to it once, and “if they like it, keep listening.”

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