Thrice promotes new album with headline tour

Erika Kreider

This hard-rock band is Thrice as nice with a new album and tour.

Credit: Ben Breier


Thrice and The Bled

Playing with Underoath and Veda

Where? The House of Blues, Cleveland

When? 6 p.m. Tuesday

How much? Ticketmaster, $16.50


Even though Thrice is one of the heavier bands around, bassist Eddie Breckenridge is extremely mellow.

Thrice is currently headlining a tour with The Bled, Underoath and Veda.

Vheissu, Thrice’s new album, is the band’s touring material.

The band’s past fans may be shocked by the new album, or they may be intrigued by it. Thrice took an experimental turn, and is trying things it has never tried on previous albums.

Don’t be tricked into thinking Thrice is turning into Coldplay. The band still has harder aspects of its songs.

“It still has heavy stuff, but I think the heavy stuff has a place. Really, we’re done making a song heavy for the sake of being heavy, we’re making a song heavy in a certain spot because that’s where the lyrics, or the part of the song calls for,” Breckenridge said. “I really am excited about this album because I think it tells more of a story, and as a record, I think it flows better than anything we’ve ever done.”

As in the past, Thrice’s lyrics have feeling and an actual meaning to them. The band is known for having outstanding lyrics that make people feel the music through the emotions involved in the songs.

“It’s (popular music), really energetic and cool but definitely a loss of feel in some of the music,” Breckenridge said. “We can make music that’s heavy, melodic and catchy, but I think it’s really important that the music you make has some added depth to it. That is what inspired us to write this album that we just did. I think we all noticed the big music is just melodic.”

As for not writing songs about girls, Breckenridge said Dustin Kensrue, the lead singer, has more important things on his mind to write about, such as the value of experiencing life.

Even though this is Thrice’s fifth album, the band members still find enough inspiration, musically and lyrically, to keep themselves sounding fresh.

Breckenridge likes to find a lot of his inspiration at other bands’ live shows.

“There’s nothing better to me than going to a live show and getting really excited, and then going straight home and grabbing a guitar and writing lyrics and music,” Breckenridge said.

Thrice never takes a break. The band is always touring or recording.

Breckenridge said if he wasn’t touring, he would have to get a real job very fast. He said he would probably go back and work his previous job, working after-school programs with children.

To hear Thrice’s new music, go to the House of Blues in Cleveland Tuesday.

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