Truck spills chemical

Katie Phillips

Last night, a 55-gallon drum containing hazardous waste fell off of a truck onto state Route 261. The waste was a combination of sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. No injuries were attributed to the accident. Firefighters were on the scene neutralizing

Credit: Steve Schirra

A chemical spill occurred on state Route 261 and Summit Street at about 3:15 yesterday afternoon. No one was harmed.

The spilled chemical is a combination of hydrochloric and sulfuric acid and is a neutralizing acid. It is considered to be a hazardous waste.

The spill leaked to state Route 59, reached Wal-Mart and trailed back to Route 261 and Summit Street, said Kent Fire Chief Jim Williams.

The majority of the spill surrounded Route 261 and the Summit Street area.

The incident was traced back to a semi truck from Emerald Environment.

“We believe it came from the inside trailer of the truck,” Williams said. “We don’t know for sure how it happened, but we believe the drum tipped over.”

The approximate estimate of the drum was 55 gallons, Williams said.

The Kent Fire Department, the EPA and the Ohio Department of Transportation responded to the scene. Emerald Environment employees were present, along with the Clean Harbors clean-up committee.

Several fire department and ODOT vehicles lined the road along Route 261 and Summit Street, flashing their lights to warn oncoming traffic of a closed lane eastbound on 261.

The incident is under investigation by the EPA.

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