What if a class is not offered next semester?

Missy Pollock

The Kent Academic Progress System has a new look, and it’s helping students keep track of their academic career at Kent State.

“Most students rely on advisers to tell them what they have left to take,” said Karli Chaboudy, undergraduate student senator for academic affairs. “Now students can figure it out, and it is easier to understand.”

The report assists students in monitoring progress toward completion of their degree requirements.

“I use it all the time to see what sorts of classes I would have to take if I changed my major,” said Jodi Ashcraft, an early childhood education major, who works in the registrar’s office. “I also use it a lot to help students figure out what classes they have left.”

By comparing completed, in-progress and registered course work, a student can view his or her progress toward the degree requirements in the official declared program, said University Registrar Susan Cole.

“KAPS can balance out what courses students need to take to make a timely degree progress,” Cole said.

Also a student can make a “what if” audit to look at what she would need to take if she decided to change her major or add a minor.

“You can see into the future, looking at what needs to be completed with viewing what you already have,” Administrative Clerk Betty Johnson said.

Planned courses are classes the student would like to take or plan to take in the future. They are used to assist in planning the degree program, both for the student and the college. These courses can be added through the KAPS Planned Courses page or through the interactive audit course cart.

The new automated KAPS report allows students to:

ƒ-S View graphs of program and requirement completion of status.

ƒ-S View graphs of grade point average by courses.

ƒ-S Add planned courses to the course cart.

ƒ-S View courses previously taken.

“It’s very organized and it’s nice to look at it to see how much longer you have to go,” Chaboudy said. “It’s so nice to have it if you know how to use it.”

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