Parking pass prices to increase

Griffin White Reporter

Student parking permit prices will be raised to $112.50 starting in the fall of 2020.

For students, this will be a $12 increase from the previous $100. For faculty and staff rates are rising $0.76 per month to $13.50.

Along with this price increase, parking fines will also be increased by $5.   

This is the first time in 11 years that the parking permit fee has been raised at Kent State.

The Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, Mark Polatajko, spoke at the Kent State Board of Trustees meeting March 4. He mentioned the reason for this increase is to help facilitate Kent State Parking Services’ goal of upgrading its parking services.

Included in the news release, provided by the director of University Media Relations, Emily Vincent, is an outline of the programs this price increase will help develop. These plans include implementation of a new app via Passport that will, “create opportunities for students, staff and faculty to use their smartphone to pay by the hour for spaces in the select parking lots.”

These funds will also help to support the construction of Kent States’ new parking deck, which is planned to open at East Main Street and Midway in fall 2021.

While the rates for parking passes are still lower than at campuses like Akron University, Ohio State University and Miami University, students are still hesitant to accept this new change in price.

Kent State student John Mores said he pays too much for parking as is. 

“I am definitely not happy about it. I spend 50 bucks a week on parking already,” Mores said.

Griffin White is a safety and transportation reporter. Contact him at [email protected].