EDITORIAL: Get the disgusting trucks off campus


It wasn’t enough that the Center for Bioethical Reform chose Kent State as a target for its anti-abortion campaign, but they decided to do so by forcing a disgusting image of an aborted 11-week-old fetus on students.

It’s one thing to make a well-educated argument, citing facts and research, but it’s another thing to make an argument with the bloody, soupy remains of an abortion.

We aren’t arguing abortion rights here – we’re arguing obscenity. The truck subjects anyone and everyone passing by to this senseless image.

Anyone can prove a point with shock value, it’s really not that hard.

You’re pro-abortion, so you show a picture of a baby that an unfit mother shoved into a Dumpster.

You hate blenders, so you show an image of a a toddler getting his hand mangled in the blades.

You can see where we’re going. It’s nearly impossible to find a cause or stance that couldn’t be forced upon someone with a shocking image. However, this anti-abortion truck did more bad than good.

The anti-abortion advocates will say, “Look what you pro-abortion murderers are doing!” And the other side will say, “Look how disgusting and irrational anti-abortion activists are!”

To really bring about change, discussion is necessary. This shock-and-run technique is cowardly. The only group that is actually doing the right thing is the Feminist Union, who are having an open forum on the issue at their meeting in room 314 of the Student Center at 8 p.m. Monday These meetings are open to anyone, regardless of their political or moral views.

Groups like the Center for Bioethical Reform are all about impersonal scare tactics to make its points because its the easy way out. It’s easier for them to show the remains of an abortion than it is for them to give legitimate reasons for their cause.

Their Web site, abortionNO.com uses the same tactics as the trucks. The page’s main art is a picture of a 9-week fetus wallowing in a watery fluid next to a Canadian nickel. Users can also send pictures of aborted fetuses to friends and loved ones using their “Ecards” link.

Ridiculous? Yes. Disgusting? Yes.

Don’t let some truck tell you how you should feel – make logical decisions.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.