WEB EXCLUSIVE: Defense questions agent for fourth day

Special Agent John Saraya said he was not aware of several bullet holes at the crime scene shown in photos by Public Defender Dennis Lager at the James E. Trimble trial Friday.

Lager cross-examined the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation agent Friday.

Trimble, 45, is charged with shooting 42-year-old Renee Bauer, her seven-year-old son, Dakota, and 22-year-old Kent State student Sarah Positano Jan. 21 and 22. He is indicted on 17 counts, including three counts of aggravated murder. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

The defense tried to paint a picture of a shoddy investigative job by Saraya Friday.

Four bullets of .308 caliber are still lodged in the house in various locations, Lager said. Lager said the bullets and various holes found in the Positano residence were fired by SWAT members.

The defense said Saraya made an effort to look for bullet holes at the 880 Sandy Lake location in various areas such as basement rafters, underneath rugs and outdoor property. However, Lager said Saraya was not aware of several bullet holes discovered at the Positano residence, even after Saraya went through the residence in January.

Lager also showed the jury a graphic photo of Positano; Trimble’s cell phone and a bottle of Lorazepam were found underneath her body.

There is no trial Monday in observation of Columbus Day. The trial will start 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The prosecution will call previous witnesses back to testify next week.

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