Trustees support state Issue 1

Rachel Abbey

The issue, if passed, could provide $500 million in research funding, Gaston said.

The Board of Regents has asked universities to support Issue 1, said Board Chairman R. Douglas Cowan. The issue deals with funding, not political affiliation, so the trustees can publicly support it.

“This is a case where it’s appropriate for us to make a public statement,” Cartwright said.

She said she has been actively placing the issue into speeches. There has been a lot of media coverage against issues two through five, and she is afraid the public will simply vote against all the issues in a “blanket no.”

Gaston urged the board to support the issue and follow in the footsteps of organizations such as the Inter-University Council, the Board of Regents and Kent State’s Foundation Board, as well as higher education institutions and businesses across the state.

The vote was unanimous, and Cowan wanted the board’s “strong support” noted.

The board’s support is more symbolic than anything else, trustee Brian Tucker said, but it is important for higher education to display it.

“At this juncture in Ohio’s history, the economy has not been as strong as years past, and the legislature has not been as supportive of higher education in general,” Tucker said.

“Anything we can do to help move our economy forward, especially involving higher education, is critically important.”

Ohio previously relied on an industry-based economy, said David Creamer, vice president for Administration. As this changes, Ohio has to adjust to attract technology-related businesses.

“Ohio is not well-prepared to compete at times in that arena, and the general assembly realizes that now,” he said.

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