United Way helps hurricane victims

Katie Alberti

Kent State’s United Way is sponsoring a Halloween event to raise money for people in need throughout Portage County.

“The point of the United Way is to assist people in your local community,” said Cynthia Brunner, public relations and marketing sub-committee member for Kent State’s United Way.

The group will be hosting its 9th Annual Trick-or-Treat for the United Way from Oct. 20 through Oct. 27.

Although the United Way has experience with the fundraiser, Brunner said plans are still being developed.

The organization is trying to find ideal locations to place collection canisters. One idea discussed was to keep collection canisters near each restaurant in the Hub. Students would then be able to donate their spare change while getting a meal, Brunner said.

Gail Moseley, committee member of Kent State’s United Way, said if students participated, the organization would be able to raise more money than it has in past years.

“Students weren’t really involved last year,” Moseley said. “This year student involvement would put us over the top.”

In addition, part of the money collected will be given to Hurricane Katrina victims within the area.

“If you give to the United Way, you are also helping Katrina victims,” Brunner said. “Most people think about donating to the Red Cross because it’s national. The United Way is also national but helps its own local population.”

The group will also do whatever is necessary to accommodate participating students.

“We can deliver canisters to residence halls or however they see it can happen,” Moseley said.

For more information, students are encouraged to contact Moseley at [email protected] today.

Contact social service reporter Katie Alberti at [email protected].