Letters to the Editor

Reversing Roe trucks gives ‘choice’ a bad name

Dear Editor:

Like many Kent students I was beyond disgusted by the “Reversing Roe” trucks driving around campus Monday and Tuesday. I was appalled by the gross misrepresentation of the word “choice” when equated with women’s reproductive rights.

I am proud to say I am pro-choice through and through, but I most certainly am not pro-abortion, and have never met someone who is. Being pro-choice means believing that women have the right, and the intelligence necessary, to make fully informed decisions about their reproduction. When we are able to completely give women this right, we will absolutely be able to lower abortion rates.

The problem with so many “pro-lifers” is that they are not actually pro-life. They cry “baby killers” all day long, but don’t actually care about stopping the “baby killing.” All they want is for Roe v. Wade to be overturned, which alone will do nothing to stop abortions from occurring. Someone who actually wants to fix the problem will see that education and prevention are the answers. If you want abortions to stop, you need to stop the unwanted ones from occurring in the first place.

The abstinence-only programs now in place in most schools are undoubtedly adding to the problem. Teens need medically accurate sex education that encompasses realistic reasons to abstain, as well as accurate and complete information on how to protect themselves from STDs and unwanted pregnancies if they do choose to become sexually active. And equally important, someone who cares about fixing the problem will fight to ensure that condoms, birth control and emergency contraceptives are readily available.

Lastly, someone who is passionate about something they believe in will stand by their opinions and will not only defend them, but encourage opposition and dialogue about the issue.

Amy Bretfelian

Sophomore Psychology Major

Abortion trucks have a right to come to campus

Dear Editor:

I’m writing in response to the “Reversing Roe” billboard trucks. I personally am glad the trucks came because I feel it was a true wake-up call for many students on campus. The pictures depicted on the trucks were disgusting. What is even more disgusting that these pictures are real. 

I read the article in Wednesday’s Stater about the trucks were met with eggs and middle fingers. I know it’s never good to assume things, but I’m going to take a risk and assume that these students that committed these childish acts were of the liberal nature. I still find it funny that these students claim they are “tolerant” of views unlike their own, but once again they showed their true colors in perfect fashion.

Another interesting factor from that article was the fact that the President of the Feminist Union was quoted as saying that the trucks were “trying to win supporters by using sensationalist media and shock value.” I remember a certain mock cemetery protesting the war that was created on campus last semester.

I will honestly never understand how members of a certain party can be against wars because of the human life that will be sacrificed but can openly favor taking away the life of innocent children. But still I wonder to myself, would people consider the mock cemetery as a device that tried to “win supporters by using sensational media and shock value”?

I believe it truly is time for certain people that claim they are tolerant to choose whether they truly are or whether they are simply ignorantly describing themselves.

Neal Casper

Junior Political Science Major