USS senator, dean want to control library noise

Sara Macho

Student Advancement Sen. Preston Mitchum is teaming up with Mark Weber, dean of Libraries and Media Services, to control noise in the university library.

Mitchum, who had been receiving numerous noise complaints from students, met with Weber last week to discuss plans that would make certain floors individual study areas.

Currently, the first and fifth floors are designated for quiet study, said Barbara Schloman, associate dean of Libraries and Media Services. But students can find large sections suitable for individual study on any floor of the library, she said.

Mitchum originally planned to divide each floor in half, with certain sides designated for quiet and group study.

But according to Weber, the plans will be introduced gradually.

“I am definitely taking Preston’s concerns to heart,” Weber said. “I will see what can be done.”

Weber said he plans to monitor the noise levels and eventually send out a survey to students working in different areas of the library.

Common complaints include unnecessary cell phone use and loud conversations.

According to Bob Gray, manager of library services, the library is changing its role on the campus.

Schloman said in the near future, the library plans to enforce study areas with increased signage.

“We have no interest in becoming policemen,” she said. “Administration wants to set up guidelines, but it ultimately comes down to students respecting the needs of others.”

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