CEO to speak in lecture tonight

This evening, the College of Business Administration and Graduate School of Management is hosting the first of two lectures in entrepreneurship this semester.

The Michael D. Solomon Lecture Series in Entrepreneurship has been offered at the university for more than four years. The first lecture was held May 1, 2001, according to Terry Leland, secretary in the dean’s office.

Solomon, a 1974 Kent State graduate, gave an endowment to the university for the purpose of bringing entrepreneurs to campus to share their experiences with members of the university community.

This semester, Solomon is the guest speaker at the formal event. He is CEO of Audyssey Labs, a company that develops and commercializes products for home theater, car audio and cinema.

The lecture will begin at 6 p.m. in the Governance Chambers on the second floor of the Student Center. The reception afterward is in Room 204.

– Seth Roy