Letters to the Editor

Student senator says editorial board should get the facts or ‘shhh’

Dear Editor:

Once again the Stater’s incorrect facts rear their ugly heads. The noise in the library was brought to my attention because of the numerous complaints I was receiving from students. So, I took the complaints to Mark Weber, dean of Library and Media Services. Dean Weber told that the library was already looking into creating something similar, and it would be great if I could help.

As a student senator, if I am not here for the students, then what have I been elected for? In the previous editorial discussion, it said “rules won’t help noise.” The funny thing is, the plan that was formulated to help the library had nothing to do with rules. We just wanted to provide more opportunities for students who actually like it quiet when they study. It is ridiculous to compromise noise in the library. IT IS A LIBRARY!

Being quiet in a library should be a force of habit. Why should other students have to go around telling everyone to be quiet? That’s like having to tell someone to quiet down during a prayer. Obviously, they shouldn’t be talking anyway. Now, I totally agree that it is up to the students to quiet down in a library. But until then, wouldn’t it be easier and smarter to just create more areas dedicated to quiet areas? I can’t even fathom the idea of how this could be viewed as a negative. Excuse students for wanting some place with no noise when they study. It’s not like they are in college or something. That’s the problem – we are.

The editorial board should understand that rules are already in place, and this new library discussion is not talking about adding new ones. Rules should not be the essential part of a library; it is the opportunities of quiet areas for more efficient studying that are essential.

So, next time, please try to do proper journalism and report the correct facts. Until then, do all of the students at Kent State a favor, and Shhhh!

Preston D. Mitchum

Undergraduate Student Senate Senator for Student Advancement

Reader applauds current debates over abortion during time of change

Dear Editor:

I, as a student, am very pleased to read these debates over abortion, especially during a time of change of the Supreme Court. Debates, after all, keep democracies alive. But at the same time, I am disappointed at both the left and the right’s ideologies on life. We, as Americans, do not fully appreciate life. After all, we have waged a war that has led to the deaths of over 2,000 soldiers and countless Iraqis, and we have supported a law that has allowed a medical procedure to abort millions of babies. War is just as bad as euthanasia; capital punishment is just as bad as abortion. That is the true definition of pro-life. Therefore, a lot of these so-called pro-lifers have a long way to go, don’t they?

I wonder how a lot of today’s Christians (Pat Robertson, for example) would treat the mother of Christ, Mary, a young teenage girl who was pregnant before she was married. I’m guessing they would probably scorn her.

Chris Kallio

Freshman theatre major