Trapt’s sophomore album takes ‘Control’

Tiffany Strong

Credit: Ben Breier



Someone in Control

Warner Bros. Records

Stater rating (out of four): ***


Trapt’s much-anticipated sophomore album gives listeners a reason to no longer feel trapped by the lame, unoriginal music found playing on many radio stations.

Warner Bros. Records produced another success with Trapt’s album, Someone In Control. It gives the hard-rock band sound with fight-for-yourself lyrics. Through strong melodies, soul-searching lyrics and heavy beats, this CD gives a solid ground for rockers and screamo cohorts alike.

Strict followers of Trapt’s multi-platinum selling self-titled debut might be slightly disappointed that Someone in Control is not as hard as the first CD, but it is still worth a good listen. Trapt stays true to the eclectic style that the quartet has become known for, while slowing down a bit and opening up to new listeners.

Aside from radio airplay, Trapt distinguishes this album from others similar to it by posing answerless questions throughout the lyrics on its 11-song disk. As the CD title gives a way, each song has to do with control, either lack of or too much and the balance they provide. The lyrics give a sense of emotion and advice on the same note.

The single “Stand Up,” was not the best single to display what the “new” Trapt sounds like. While their first CD was good for producing enough adrenaline to beat a punching bag, Someone in Control is better music for thought and motivation to “stand up” for yourself.

Trapt’s unique CD, Someone in Control, comes highly recommended. The album is now out in stores.

-Tiffany Strong