Scholarship winners to read poetry

Ryan Knight

Students will be featured today at this year’s second Wick Poetry Series reading.

“Celebrating Our Own” is a reading that features the 2005 Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Scholarship winners.

Wick Fellow Josh Storey said the Wick Poetry Center was originally created to give scholarships to student poets, and “Celebrating Our Own” is the essence of that original intent.

“All of the readers are also students, and they may not be students of English or poetry, but they still have the urge to create and write,” Storey said. “That’s why this reading is important. It gives our scholarship winners a chance to shine, and to show off their talent for poetry.”

The reading will feature Renee Pignaloso and Angel Wilson, winners of the Stan and Tom Wick high school scholarship; Nicole Robinson, Mary Roulette, Rachel Woods and Laura M. Miller, winners of the undergraduate competition; and Caitlin Vanderground, the Honors College poetry competition winner.

Wick Assistant Jessica Jewell said there are three types of scholarships available through the Wick Poetry Center.

The Ohio High School Seniors Scholarship awards the first place winner a $2,500 renewable scholarship and the second and third place winners a $1,500 renewable scholarship. The other scholarships are the Undergraduate and the Honors College Scholarships both with $2,000 first place winners, Jewell said.

“This event showcases excellence in poetry from student winners and honors their artistic achievement,” Jewell said. “This has been one of the founding principles of the Wick Poetry Center.”

The event is free and open to the public. It will be held in room 112 in Satterfield Hall at 4 p.m. today.

For more information please contact the Wick Poetry Center at 330-672-2067 or visit

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