Skies will bleed black at Screwy Louie’s Saturday

Erika Kreider

Children of the Corn, Skies Bleed Black, comes to Screwy

Louie’s Saturday.

Credit: Ben Breier


Skies Bleed Black

Where? Screwy Louie’s

When? Saturday, 8 p.m.

How much? $8


Dark, scary and metal are some words to describe Kent based band Skies Bleed Black.

The members of the band are Sam Hunter on guitar, Chris Williams on guitar, Kyle Mileyas on drums, David Wilson as vocals and Gabriel Swarts on bass. Also the band has an honorary roadie Frank McGhee.

Skies Bleed Black play as hard and brutally as possible, but also have fun doing it.

“It’s like technical, doom, death, grind, metal and the fun elements of hardcore,” Wilson said.

Don’t be scared by the darker elements of this band, because it has a lighter side, too.

“The people are happy, fun and they love animals. You’d think it’s some hooligans. Nobody in your band is a (expletive) to anybody,” McGhee said.

Even though the music is scary and not mainstream, the lyrics circle around current topics.

Some of the topics include animals, gay marriage, your own ground and standing up for yourself, Mileyas said.

Skies Bleed Black, even though it may sound negative, is a very positive band that has big goals in mind.

“We’re looking to get signed. We want to get big,” Wilson said. “We want a label that isn’t going to make us wear makeup. We want to keep the fans we have now and not disrespect them at all.”

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