Happy Tree Friends nothing to smile about

Erika Kreider

Credit: Ben Breier

“What the hell is this?” Was my immediate reaction to turning on this DVD.

“My friend would love that!” my roommate squealed in response.

Happy Tree Friends, a popular online cartoon that gets 2.5 million hits on Google, has just released a DVD.

These fluffy, happy looking characters are comparable to the humor of “Ren and Stimpy.”

The DVD I received is only 20 minutes long and compiled of 12 clips.

Honestly, I wanted to stop watching after about four. Being the loyal journalist that I am, though, I kept watching, despite my constant complaining.

After hearing the opening jingle three times, my ears wanted to bleed.

Anyway, the cartoons circle around absurd violence and absurd situations.

For example, in “Flippin’ Burgers,” Petunia the skunk is flipping burgers at a fast food joint, Cuddles the rabbit is eating with Giggles the bear and then Flippy the Bear (or he might be a beaver) comes in very angry.

Flippy stabs Giggles and Cuddles, and also shoves mustard and catsup bottles into their heads. Then he goes over to the grill and shoves Petunia’s face onto it, complete with brains coming out. The building blows up, and Flippy ends up eating fries with blood as the condiment.

It’s just not my thing. Maybe you’re into the whole cartoon blood deal, but not me.

Having so many hits on Google says there are people out there who like it.

You may have also seen these characters on merchandise in Hot Topic.

Although, compared to the not-so-attractive Ren and Stimpy, Happy Friends are cute and cuddly, which makes the gore aspect even worse.

Some people may like this type of adult cartoon, but I’m much more of a fan of “Family Guy.”

A-A-A-A– Erika Kreider