WEB EXCLUSIVE: Prosecution rests in Trimble trial

Michael Lewis

Portage County Prosecutor Victor Vigluicci rested the state of Ohio’s case today in the capital murder trial of James Trimble.

In addition, Vigluicci dropped eight charges of attempted murder against Trimble for the alleged shootout that occurred on the night of January 21 and the early morning hours of January 22 between Trimble and police.

Summit County forensics pathologist, Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Dorothy Dean, testified that Sarah Positano died as a result of injuries sustained from a single bullet fired into the lower right side of her neck and exiting just below her shoulder blades on her left side.

Jurors were shown photos of a deceased Positano taken during the autopsy. Trimble appeared noticeably disturbed during testimony of the bullet path and the resulting trauma.   

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– Michael Lewis