Greeks object hazing

Lauren Polly

Popular movies such as Animal House and Old School depict men who pledge fraternities having to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and participate in humiliating pranks to be accepted.

In reality, hazing is not tolerated and illegal in most states.

This week, Greek organizations will hold activities to observe National Anti-Hazing week. It was supposed to be held last week, but formal recruitment got in the way.

Beth Gittons, assistant director for fraternity and sorority affairs, said the university has a zero tolerance policy for hazing.

“It’s inexcusable anywhere,” Gittons said. “If a parent did it to a child, it’s child abuse. If a spouse did it, it would be spousal abuse.”

Hazing is a forced activity of someone joining a group that is humiliating or harmful, according to

The fraternities and sororities will attend events about the dangers and consequences of hazing.

The movie, Until a Death Occurs, about a hazing death in New York at Plattsburgh State University, will be shown between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. today in the Kiva.

Alpha Phi is sponsoring an anti-hazing speaker at 8 p.m. Wednesday in room 300 of the Student Center.

A banner will also be available for anyone who vows to not haze to sign in the Student Center tomorrow and Wednesday.

Gittons said there will be a certain percentage of people from each fraternity or sorority required to attend the events.

Many fraternities and sororities, such as Alpha Epsilon Pi, have waivers for their pledges to sign stating they understand the hazing policy, Gittons said.

“By hazing a pledge,” Gittons said, “the fraternity or sorority is risking their registration on campus and having nationals suspend their charter.”

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