English professor accepts mission to spend seven months in Nepal

Ryan Knight

Larry Starzyk, a professor in the English department, will spend seven months in Nepal as a 2006 Fulbright Scholar. This is his second time receiving the award.

The intention of the program is to develop multi-cultural programs that help other countries learn about how things are in countries around the world and to help develop new ideas in the host countries, Starzyk said.

Starzyk will teach and do some research at Kathmandu, which is a private university in Nepal. The university desires a Fulbright Scholar who has knowledge in the area of business.

Starzyk said he is uncertain exactly what he will be teaching in Nepal, but believes he will be preparing a course in business writing.

“I will probably set up courses that will teach students how to write properly and be effective in the business world,” Starzyk said. “It is important for these students to learn how the proper terminology and oral communication will move them further in the business world.”

Starzyk was a Fulbright Scholar 10 to 12 years ago and was sent to Thailand to teach and do research.

“When I was in Thailand, I designed courses and lectured in technical writing,” Starzyk said. “I believe I will do some of the same things in Nepal as I did in Thailand.”

Ronald Corthell, professor and chair of the English department, said Fulbright Scholarships are highly competitive and highly regarded around the world.

His experiences as a Fulbright Scholar will enrich the department. His acceptance will allow students in Nepal to learn about Kent State and its programs, Corthell said.

“Dr. Starzyk deserves full credit, but the department is proud of this award,” Corthell said. “We are appreciative of the recognition it brings to our faculty and university.”

The trip to Nepal will be special for Starzyk, not only because he is going as a Fulbright Scholar, but because he has an adopted daughter from Nepal.

Starzyk said when he was in Thailand on the Fulbright Scholarship, his wife wanted to stop in Nepal. They were there for two weeks and fell in love with the place.

“My wife helps set up families to travel to Nepal and adopt children, so she spends a lot of time in Nepal and it is just fitting that I do something I feel will help their country, “Starzyk said.

Lewis Fried, a professor in the English Department, said the Fulbright is quite an honor.

“You represent America and are chosen on the basis of your intellectual strengths and achievements,” Fried said. “Starzyk has all of these. He is an important, commending scholar in his field and an extraordinary teacher and friend.”

Starzyk said he owes a lot of his success to his father who always communicated with him in a sane and wise manner.

“My father told me to never leave college,” Starzyk said. “That is why I am still here teaching because my father never wanted me to leave.”

Starzyk would like to see more of his colleagues apply for scholar programs like Fulbright.

Kent State encourages the faculty to get involved in these programs and goes out of its way to support faculty members who do get involved, Starzyk said.

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