Candidates divided on boarding house issue

Kristin Lindsey

Candidates for Kent city council-at-large are divided on how to approach rules against boarding houses in the city. They had the opportunity to express their opinions on this issue and others during the League of Women Voters of Kent Candidate Forum last night.

Michael A. DeLeone, Richard Hawksley and William Schultz agreed that the current approach has been effective and should remain the same. DeLeone said he would like to see council stay the course, get the data back and revisit the issue in another year.

William J. Anderson said he thinks students in boarding houses should sign a code of ethics.

“Young kids are like animals,” Anderson said. “They’re like dogs; they like to know what their limits are.”

John Bard said he believes only a small percentage of the students and landlords cause the problems.

“Some of these kids have watched Animal House too many times,” Anderson said.

William Tarver agreed that only a small number of people cause problems and added that he doesn’t believe in holding landlords responsible for the adults living in their rental houses.

Several other local candidates were in attendance, including those running for municipal court, Kent school board and Franklin Township trustees. Justin Jeffery, council candidate for Ward 4 and Kent State student, did not attend the forum.

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