New advisers take two different roads to same career

Robert Taylor

The Undergraduate Studies Advising Center has two new exploratory advisers ready to help students with whatever they need.

Karen Clement and Jamie Reynolds both rose through the ranks at the university and now provide career guidance to students who have not chosen a major. But that isn’t the only thing Reynolds said she has to offer students.

“I like to view myself as a resource (to students) for anything on campus and anything regarding academics,” Reynolds said. “If they have general questions and don’t know where to go, questions about scheduling classes or making sure they are on the right path, I’m here for whatever they need for Kent State.”

Clement finished her undergraduate work at the university, during which time she said she was able to build relationships with a lot of faculty and staff. Her knowledge of the university helps her guide students where they need to go.

Clement was an intern for the College of Arts and Sciences during school and decided to go into advising when her kids started thinking about college.

“I enjoy mentoring the students, guiding them with policies and information, welcoming them to the community,” Clement said.

“I just enjoy the whole environment.”

Reynolds, a Kentucky native, took a different road to becoming an adviser. She went through the educational specialist program at the university and became an adviser in the College of Education.

“I felt like Kent State offered a lot of professional development,” Reynolds said. “I feel a lot of support from the institution and I enjoy being in a large-school environment.”

Clement said an adviser must have great listening skills.

“You have to be able to filter out what students need in order to be able to help them,” Clement said. “That is very unique to me, because once I know their needs I can help guide them in a more efficient way. I’m also very good at mentoring people who need it.”

Both Clement and Reynolds are located in Olson Hall Student Advising Center and are available to help students with their problems. To reach the Student Advising Center, call (330) 672-3676.

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