Olson Hall roof leak leads to evacuation

A roof leak in Olson Hall early yesterday morning set off the fire alarm and led to the evacuation of residents.

Fire safety coordinator Ed Moisio said the alarm sounded because water leaked into the smoke detector by the hall’s elevator.

“When you’re dealing with a flat roof and nowhere for water to go, it just puddles and finds the weak spot,” Moisio said.

Students didn’t waste time evacuating, he said. Many residents were showering and went to leave the building in their towels.

Meredith Wheeler, Olson Hall resident and junior exploratory major, was one of many to evacuate.

“I could have slept until noon today,” she said, explaining how she didn’t want to wake up.

Olson Hall resident Nicole Davis agreed.

“It just kind of sucked because it was so early in the morning,” said Davis, freshman pre-med major. She said the rain only made it worse.

Moisio said he was happy with the students’ response to the alarm.

“It was a good showing of (students) wanting to leave the building,” he said.

Moisio said the smoke detector has been replaced, and no severe damage was done.

– Stephanie Park