Audio Refreshments exposes students to local six-person band, Drop to Zero

Adam Krasneski, senior music major and member of Drop to Zero, sings at the Rathskeller yesterday.

Credit: Steve Schirra

The band Drop to Zero shook the basement of the Student Center last night as a part of the new program, Audio Refreshments.

This was the second show this semester and was originally scheduled to be in Risman Plaza but was moved to the Rathskeller because of anticipated rain.

“We’re trying to have it so people walking by could get blasted with music,” said Mahlon Rhodes, programmer for the Student Center, before the location move.

But the last-minute change of venue meant fewer people knew about it. Still, those who attended the concert were able to play pool, play arcade games and eat pizza while listening to the band.

The band took the opportunity to joke about the situation.

“Thank you, all five of you,” Conner Sessions, one of the singers, said after the first song.

Drop to Zero was the only band to play. The other group scheduled was playing at a fair instead. The six-person band, complete with guitars, drums and a keyboard, is from Kent and could be compared to a band that would play at Ozzfest.

Audio Refreshments is a band series that exposes college students to local artists and bands, said Stacy Stewart, programming student manager for the Kent Student Center. The next show is scheduled for Sept. 28 and the bands playing have not yet been announced.

-Olivia Mihalic