Students, rich or poor, should help with Katrina relief efforts

It is the sentiment of some people that since they are poor, they aren’t able to help with the hurricane relief efforts.

They’re wrong.

There are many things every student can do to help with the devastation in the South — and it doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. Although those who can should donate money to the Red Cross or other organizations assisting the thousands of homeless Americans, there are many things — little things — that you can do for free or little cost that can have a big effect on people’s lives.

One thing students can do is donate blood. The Red Cross says that for every one person who donates blood, three lives are saved. It takes only a half-hour, and voila, you’ve saved three lives. It’s not often that something that seems so mundane can have such a lasting and meaningful effect.

Check the Red Cross’ Web site at to see how you can help, both locally and nationally.

Please keep your eye on the Stater throughout the week to see what groups on campus are doing and how you can help.

This is everyone’s responsibility. We all need to put our biases and political views aside to help those in need.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.