KSU stops printing Schedule of Classes, now available online

William Schertz

University officials made the decision to discontinue the paper version of the Schedule of Classes, making it only available online.

“The usage of the paper Schedule of Classes has decreased significantly in the last few years,” Associate University Registrar Susan Cole said.

Cole said that during the mid- 1990s, the university published 50,000 course schedules per semester, but since then the numbers had decreased by half.

“In 2004 we published 25,000, and by the end of the semester there were 15,000 left unused,” she said.

Cole said the university has lagged behind other universities that have been publishing Web-only versions of course schedules for several years.

Cole also noted that course times frequently change between the time that the course schedule is printed and when it reaches students’ hands.

“One of the biggest benefits is that you’re getting accurate, up-to-date information,” she said.

In light of the time and money this will save the university, many students are frustrated with the decision.

“It’s more difficult to do it online because you can’t make a bookmark and go back to your place,” sophomore nursing major Nicole Shell said.

Ikaika Isaacs, modern and classical language studies major, agreed that having a paper copy of the schedule is beneficial.

“It’s inconvenient because you can’t sit down and plan out your course load for the year on paper,” he said. “I like to sit down and have a concrete copy of what I’d like to choose from.”

Honors Coordinator Becky Gares said she is afraid that not having a paper version of the course schedule will make it harder to advise students.

“It’s been especially difficult for first-years, who already don’t understand the advising process, to be prepared for scheduling,” she said. “Now rather than being able to talk to you to your face, I’ll be over at my computer with my back to you, so it’s not good for the student/adviser relationship. I feel one of my advising tools has been taken away.”

Cole said students who would prefer to use a printed copy can find a PDF version of the Schedule of Classes on the Registrar’s Web site.

Shell noted that some people are not as computer literate and may have trouble figuring out how to look for courses online, but Cole said the Registrar’s office is available for assistance.

“If someone’s having trouble I would urge them to call the Registrar’s office, and we’ll walk them through the process,” Cole said.

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