Entertainment pages now not just movies

Kimberly Dick

We’ll still cover music. We’ll still cover movies. But as you know, that’s not all the entertainment world has to offer. In addition to our new name, ALL’s weekly issue will feature many new additions.

My main goal as editor of ALL is to diversify our content. This will encompass a wide variety of musical artists, both mainstream and independent films, art exhibitions, plays, local content, literature, hobbies and food.

Food may not seem like entertainment, but the ALL staff will be exploring restaurants in the area, healthy and not-so-healthy food trends and fun places to eat.

We are continuing TV Time with Bob, where he will explore current television shows and trends each week, rotating between print and online. See his first edition on page 5.

Be sure to visit stateronline.com to catch our Web-only content each week, including an overview of independent films, a supplement to the summer review feature in this issue.

I would like to stress that our entertainment section is here for your entertainment. In our attempts to meet all of our goals, we would like feedback from you. So e-mail me or my assistant, Seth Roy, at [email protected] with ideas and suggestions.

Contact ALL editor Kimberly Dick at [email protected].