Fall fashion storms college campuses

Heather Beyer

Popular items include blazers, boots, newsboy hats

BLAZIN’ HOT: Blazers are expected to make a big comeback this fall.

Credit: Steve Schirra

STRAPPED FOR THE SEASON: Although boots were made for walking, these strappy heels were made for stomping into the new season.

Credit: Steve Schirra

THE BIGGER THE BETTER : This season, size does matter – at least when it comes to belts.

Credit: Steve Schirra

Just like Hurricane Katrina clouded the skies of cities all across the country last week, it looks like fashion will also become darker this fall. 

“I think the color palette this season is definitely more muted than what we saw in the summer,” Marissa Atkins, a senior fashion design major currently studying abroad in Italy, said in an e-mail interview. “Black is making more of a comeback, and there’s the use of a lot of muted gray, blue and green tones.” 

Atkins said to expect more drastic changes in fashion from the summer. 

“Most of the usually vibrant colors are muted as well — pink, peach, yellow, green, lavender,” she said. “I think this is because we just finished with a style of the summer that was so vibrant, and it also reflects what is going on in our country politically and economically. Events like that do impact the trends of the season significantly.” 

Pink is becoming very fashionable this season. According to Misty Gunn, a fashion assistant to the New York Times’ T Magazine, the color pink is becoming more popular for guys each season. 

Gunn is a recent graduate of Kent State. Some of her duties include assisting the fashion market director and editor by calling in clothing and accessories from public relations companies for their photo shoots. 

Gunn also talked about the different styles worn in New York City in comparison to Ohio. 

“Style is very different here in NYC; trends hit us first before they reach everyone in the Midwest,” she said. “People here are more daring with their styles.

“NYC is a very fast-paced city, and our fashions need to be chic but sensible and versatile. People are always going from work to dinner and then to bars, parties or clubs so we need an outfit for every part of our day. So putting on a sequined camisole with a sophisticated pencil skirt and a cashmere cardigan and heels, you are ready for work. Take off the cardigan and now you are ready for a night on the town.” 

There are several styles here in Ohio that are considered “trendy” this fall for the college student. 

Jackets and blazers are very popular this season. Styles range from short -sleeved to cropped length to collarless. Military styling and detailing on jackets is very hot, said Meghan Bumbaugh, a senior fashion design major.

Vintage-inspired clothing, such as distressed denim or rock tees, are some more styles that may be seen this fall, Gunn said.

“For both men and women, there is a beginning return to formality and a new mix (of) romanticism and the Victorian era,” Atkins said. “Also, a lot of the styles of these main stores are selling clothes that have an ‘old school’ vibe. Lots of stripes, old fashioned messenger style bags, traditional V-neck sweaters and button down T-shirts with patches or school-themed colors and some wool tweeds.

“For girls, the Victorian style is carried out in jackets with a strand collar and the use of lace and softer, more feminine fabrics and colors.” 

Oversized pieces such as sweaters, tops and pants are also becoming fashionable. 

The New York Times dubbed the oversized trend “Dumpster Dressing,” Bumbaugh said. It was introduced by the Olsen Twins. 

According to Atkins, there are several ways for a style to become trendy. If it is worn by celebrities, it will become more popular until it peaks and becomes too mainstream. All the styles trickle down through the designers based on the runway shows that happen over in Europe. There are two main seasons for fashion on the runway, spring/summer and fall/winter. 

What ensemble would be complete without shoes and accessories? Boots are a very big trend, especially in a knee-high length, according to Bumbaugh. Ballet flats are now considered the “it” boot style. 

They come in just about every color imaginable but the most vibrant seem to be silver, gold and sometimes even black. 

Knit caps, newsboy caps and skull caps, along with big beaded necklaces, make a perfect addition to an outfit. 

All these looks can be found at your local American Eagle, Abercrombie, Express, Old Navy and H&M stores. 

“Personally I am especially excited about all the great styles of flat shoes and variety of jackets in every store,” Bumbaugh said. “I love jackets, especially for fall, when you can layer! Although trends are fun to follow, I really want to stress that no one needs to follow every trend to the ‘T.’ Trends are best when you pick up suits or what pieces you really love and make them your own.”

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